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A few words about a mentality of Russian women, journey to Russia and some useful advices for men. Your bride has a kid from a previous marriage. Is it good or bad? Let’s try and puzzle out such a situation.

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Top Mail-Order Bride: Which One Should You Choose?

What is the uniqueness of Slavic brides? How do they attract men and what makes them special? The answer is simple: the Slav will always remember that she is a woman in the first place, no matter what social and financial status she has.

But what are the other peculiarities of Slavic women and how to choose one? Let’s find that out.

In today’s world, the internet has made it easier to connect people from different parts of the world. Many people have used platforms dedicated to arranging marriages between foreign women and Western men. These platforms match users based on the preferences they specify. These services provide reliable data on the sites where you can find a wife or a partner, which can help you start a successful relationship.

Some of the top mail order bride websites offer photo viewing services. Because mail order brides are typically lonely, distance is no longer a barrier in their search for a husband. You can search for a bride by age, nationality, and other characteristics. Mail order brides are often attractive to men from a variety of nationalities, and you can find a perfect match online. Mail order brides are often based in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin countries.

Love in the USA

foreign woman looking for american man

There has been a growing trend of foreign women looking for American men for relationships and marriage. This phenomenon can be attributed to a variety of factors, including cultural differences, economic factors, and the allure of the American dream.

The phrase “foreign woman looking for American man” has become a common phrase used to describe this phenomenon. It reflects the idea that many foreign women are actively seeking out American men for relationships and marriage, often through online dating websites and matchmaking services.

Main reasons why foreign women may be attracted to American men is the perception of American culture as being more liberal and open-minded than their own. Many foreign women may feel that they have more freedom and opportunities in the United States than in their home countries and may see American men as a way to access those opportunities.

Of course, it’s important to note that not all foreign women are looking for American men for the same reasons, and not all-American men are interested in foreign women. However, this trend has become significant enough that it has spawned a whole industry of dating websites and matchmaking services catering specifically to foreign women seeking American men.

Top 6 reasons to choose Slavic mail order brides 

Feminism and attitudes towards women

While feminism is growing within the West, femininity is actively cultivated in Russia and other Slavic countries. The very idea of a sensual woman living consonant with her nature was somehow forgotten during the years of worldwide industrialization and digitalization, but now this vector is returning.

This is because the world is developing cyclically. We already lived in an era when a woman was considered equal to a goddess, then the time of men came, and now the cycle is returning again, in which women will play a key role in the development of society. 

The modern world, built consistently with male canons, has suffered an entire collapse within the basic principles. We’ve made tons of technical progress, but we’ve failed badly in terms of affection, i.e. love. The fashionable, rigid, logical world is dehydrated from a scarcity of love. And let’s not forget that the keepers of love on Earth are women. And it’s them who are assigned a task to bring this quality back to the Earth.


During the Soviet era, women and men were in a similar position. Salaries were determined based on qualifications, not connections or privileges. There was no such stage in the West. Therefore, Russian brides were more qualitatively educated than women in the West. 

Many women in modern Russia are successful and bright entrepreneurs. They are independent, dynamic, and intelligent. 


Before finding a bride online, keep in mind that for local women the concept of “success” is inextricably linked with the presence of a man, children, and a family (which, as a rule, is not characteristic of modern Western women). 

These values are passed on in Slavic families through generations. It is an incredibly romantic order of things because this is how this world works. The world is a harmonious union of a woman and a man, from which everything else appears: children, creative projects, business ideas, etc.

Family ties and traditions

While dating a Belarusian women, you’ll inevitably notice that family ties are valued much more here than in the West. While abroad, when parents visit their children, it is more of a formal visit at Christmas and other family holidays.


Ukrainian brides devote more time to self-care. Apart from girls keeping their beauty at the highest level, there are many women who develop natural, environmentally friendly skincare products and open their own beauty salons. Undoubtedly, this is a matter of great respect.

Longing for relationships

A lot of problems of Slavic women are associated with past negative love experiences. But it is worth saying that these ladies don’t give up that easily and are always in quest of true love. They keep their warmth and care inside their hearts and are ready to share them with others at any minute.

When we start online dating on mail order brides services and then finally meet, we feel newness, excitement, and brightness of the moment. Gradually, couples slide into the mundane life and predictability; therefore, a feeling of detachment appears. Nothing is more likely to kill a relationship than this feeling. Dishonesty often grows out of it, and then it turns into unfaithfulness. After all, when we do not receive what we went into a relationship for from our partner, the couples fall apart.

In any case, conflicts kill love, and without love, there will be no harmonious relationships. When love leaves us, it is replaced by problems, and in intimate relationships, it is the neglect of the interests of your partner that causes such issues.

In life, there are scandals or acts of ignoring each other. The forms of expression are different, but the reason is most often the same.

Therefore, Slavic brides tend to search for gentlemen who would never leave their chosen one alone.