In search of a bride by mail all roads lead to Ukraine

By Glenda Jerkins

Those who have already been to Ukraine had a possibility to know and love this wonderful but forsaken by God and European Union provincial place. Ukraine is a wonderful country in the south of Eastern Europe on the bank of the Black Sea. The country is extremely poor and awesomely authentic. Globalization fortunately almost hasn’t affected neither its industry nor ways of modern Ukraine, and that’s why signs ‘no entry for carts’ are to be seen on motorways.

On local markets one can buy really organic products for money one won’t even notice. Everything that is sold in shops is much cheaper than in any European city. There is much verdure everywhere, and you can see views of numerous parks and squares from central city streets wonderful. A city with restaurants and night clubs neighbors with a real village with cows and roosters crowing in the morning. Natural beauties naturally deserve separate attention, but man’s eyes are certainly fastened on beauty of the local women.

Ukrainian girls and women are certainly beautiful. In general, Ukrainian women, on the contrary from the Russian ones, are more refined and they are more slim and much more graceful. Russian women are in general stouter, they have broader faces, waists and backs. A typical Russian complexion means a quite long legs, a broad body, a short neck and a round face. A tough body adapted to big physical loads and severe climatic conditions. Among Ukrainian girls there are many tiny, slim and little ones. There are also chubby beauties, but not among young ladies.

Ukrainian ladies have splendid hair, curly or straight, and blondes and brunettes are in proportion of 50 to 50.

Short haircuts are a nonsense here. They can be seen only on foreign or manlike women who are too lazy to take care of themselves. Girls here stick to traditional ideas of femininity. A wonderful slim waist, a smooth and bright skin and expressive eyes.

Ukrainian women dress in a quite bright manner in their everyday life. What is considered to be smart clothes in Europe and the USA here is a ‘clothing for every day’. A festal dress exceeds all possible limits. A high heel is a cornerstone of Ukrainian shoe industry. Ukraine is not a rich country, probably that’s why local women want something bright and provoking. They associate it with prosperity and luxury. Probably, a southern mentality has an impact as well. It’s all is, naturally, a generalization. All Ukrainian women are special and inimitable in their own way – their appearance, ways, habits may vary in dependence on their place of living, upbringing, their family’s well-being, their surroundings.