What Slavic ladies talk about themselves!

By Glenda Jerkins

There are so many reviews we hear about Russian women and girls. Most of these review make western men, Russian men, women from other countries. Would you like to hear something that girls and women from Russia say about themselves? Without a doubt, it is interesting to know, although , it is hardly going to be something different, because the truth is impossible to spoil.

As the most important factor of Russian looks, women and girls from Ukraine mention their beautiful appearance (20 % of all sayings that were found online). Charm, attractiveness, femininity, beauty and sexy are mentioned too. “Russian women are the most beautiful!”; “They attract men by their appearance and inner beauty” ; “men make legends about us” but what differs our women from others is our desire to be attractive!” Just a few percents lagged our soul features (17%) among which there are kindness, trustfulness, care, reliability, devotion, patience and absence of mercenaries.

These characteristics and mentality Russian brides are extremely important for the family. On the whole family is still the main value for a Ukraine ladies. “girls from Russia accept family is the main factor in their life, they put it above all the other values. They are always ready to scarify their career in order to be with their husband and children” Girls from Russia say, “We have kind hearts. IF we get married, we devote our lives to the men that we love” Slavic woman is so natural in accepting her husband’s behavior and his way of living. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t try to influence him. She just doesn’t try to refuse it. She is always supports her husband. On the other hand, “care about her children is one the most important things in lives of lady from Russia!”.

Intellectual and spiritual field can be found in 10% of all the sayings, which tell us about the mismatch of their abilities with the stereotypes of the society(both western and Russian men estimate the intellect of women from Russia low) We can emphasize the creativity, education, great desire to learn, self-perfection, immateriality etc. That’s why we can’t say that Russian women are women “with low self-respect and self-rating”. Some people consider Russian women having low education only because of the stereotypes. Russian women are very hardworking ladies, they are professional, although without careerism, they can do hard work, they are enduring and very responsible.

Ladies consider themselves as unique, different from others. “Russian women are unique creatures, they possess special and rich experience of self-perfection and development. Originality is a very nutrient medium for being accepted as a unique person, different from others with such characteristics as naturalness, independence, inner nobility, individualism, person integrity and harmony – “Her whole-hearted nature can’t stand half way policy. Our women have the power to subdue any kind of problems. Each of us is worth of being a queen”, “We wear clothes with pleasure, we love to create something interesting”.

Some Russian brides (8%) think they have these qualities as delicacy, patience, the ability to compromise, responsibility. They are popular among men. The most beautiful models in the world are young Russian girls. They are emotional (5%), which makes them do some unexpected things. 4% of Russian women say that they don’t have a good taste, they are greedy and don’t behave right.
In the whole, we can say that the world admits the uniqueness of brides from FSU, their unbelievable beauty, rare soul characteristics and the ability of harmonious combination of their professional abilities and the ability to create cozy family atmosphere. Girls and women from Russian are truly WONDERFUL creatures!