Russian bride through foreigner’s eyes

Once we had a conversation with our foreign male friend. We asked him why after having an experience of being a Russian woman’s husband, he wanted to play this role again. The answer didn’t make us wait and was absolutely obvious. No offence meant to the overseas American beauties, and women from Europe or Asian women, but the man said, “I can’t even imagine my life with any of my female compatriots. I am enchanted by a Russian wife forever” Thanks God, the medieval inquisition times has passed and women are not burnt on fire for their beauty, which captivates men and makes them dream of over and over again. So, who are they, these Russian “fairies?” and how are they seen through the foreign men’s eyes? Let’s see what foreign men have to say about Russian women and their style of living.


– Russian brides are beautiful because they are feminine and feminine because they are beautiful.
– Seems like that Russian women have had slim bodies since birth, but they don’t have any idea of what gym is. They must think how they will look like when in their 60-s. And when they are 60, they look like old soviet “babushkas” tying a kerchief round their heads
– Russian women are very charming but they are so in love with themselves and their reflection in the mirror that they are ready to spend all their free and busy time taking care only of themselves: dressing up, making up, shopping etc But, how to marry a russian woman?
– Russian girls are stunning. Their legs, calves, waists… not every European or American woman – (and we are not talking about famous film stars or singers, but about average women)- can boast with her attractive forms.


– Russian women are noticed in the crowd by their neatness, brightness, glare and… a gap – the discrepancy between what they wear and what they should depending on time and place. Trust me, that doesn’t really bother Russian women. Only a Russian girl can come down to the swimming pool after breakfast wearing her high-heels sandals and evening makeup. Only female Russian tourists , who go to the excursion in the mountings or ancient ruins, will wear mini-skirts and yet again high-heels. In the end, they won’t even get out of the bus J
– Why did she fasten on her high-heels and make up? She is just taking the garbage(!) out or going down to the bakery! It is inconceivable! Incomprehensible! Inexplicable! BUT FACT!
– In Russia they wear such clothes, that it’s hard to tell if a woman is a prostitute or not
– They are sexual and look sexy not only when they go out to the night club or to the restaurant for dinner, they are gorgeous from early morning till late at night
– With this they demonstrate their freedom, while Russian women show nothing, but their sexiness. They only attract men. Isn’t that great?


– Russian women are extremely disorganized. They are always late and consider it is a norm of behavior. You can remark about that, she will say “sorry” and will come to the meeting tomorrow late again.
– Are they hardworking? Yes, they are.
– Russian women tend unrestrainedly to perfection in everything: how they look and how they work.

Foreign men look at Russian women in a different way. For them, Russian brides are stunning and seem to be a real holiday!
Of course, so many men, so many minds and foreigners can judge Russian women basically by their experience with a particular woman. Anyway, they all come to the same point that Russian women are very beautiful and feminine, funny and stylish, good wives and passionate lovers. So, no wonder, that demand for Russian wives abroad raises every year.