Russian women mentality

By Glenda Jerkins

To captivate a Russian woman is easy, on the one hand. On the other hand, it is quite difficult. To put it more precisely, it became more difficult now than it was a few years ago. The economical situation changed in the last few years, and we can say – was even improved. According to this, both, a single woman and her mentality changed. A Russian bride today is the one, who got used to some kind of independence; it is a woman who can earn money herself and spend them like she wants; it is a woman who, in some way, orients herself for the western womankind. BUT don’t get upset, dear gentlemen!

A Russian girl is romantic and sentimental

She still wants men to sing serenades near her windows and to dedicate poems, to flood her with armful of flowers and to do golden deeds, like knights defended their princesses in the middle ages (5th – 15th centuries). She is expecting pleasant surprises from you, and finally, she would like to hear, “Honey, I love you so much!”

In the end, any woman, like a Cinderella from the fairy tales by H.C. Andersen, dreams about her prince on the white horse. You could easily become this prince. It is not necessary to be Richard Gere or Brad Pitt (Russian women also watch foreign movies) to make a lady to fall in love with you. You only need to find an individual path to your beloved ones and take into consideration all the refinements of Russian woman’s mentality.

It happens that in a race of winning a woman’s heart, a man begins to pretend to be a super hero, some sort of a “superman” or a “spider man” J Our first tip, that we would like to give you, is be yourself. A woman is a very wise creature, and her intuition works perfectly in cases when it is a question of love and feelings. You don’t want and you definitely don’t need her to get disappointed, when she finds out that you are not the prince she saw all this time when you were dating on line. Be honest and don’t try to hide things about your personality that she has the right to know about in the first place.

Generosity is one of the main features Russian brides treasure in men

We are not talking here about expensive “jaguars’, two-decked yachts, or huge mansions. The thing is, that a woman is waiting for little signs of men’s attention, and loves when a man shows his affection. Invite your lady to a restaurant, and don’t forget to run away without paying(joking of course) J Russian men know(because they were brought up with this knowledge, and Russian women got used to it) that a man will never allow himself to make a woman pay for her in his company or to take money from her (unless she is a banker and you need a loan).

Learn her weak sides – her favourite movies, books, colors, flowers, cuisine preferences. This valuable knowledge may become your trump card.

Before winning a Slavic woman’s heart take a look in a mirror (in a good way). No doubt, “actions speak”, but good looks is also important for a lady from Russia. You want her to look sexy, don’t you? So does she. You can leave your comfortable flip-flops, shorts and t-shirts for your home wear. Take a chance(if it’s not your style) and put on classy trousers and a shirt, and \or a nice sweater. It shouldn’t be something extravagant and can frighten your date. We are sure that she will appreciate it, and you will get a compliment from your Slavic bride – even if it is men’s prerogative to give compliments. Look nice, be shining, optimistic, and self-confident. You know this proverb: “Slow and steady wins the race” So, don’t waist your time and take the road now!