Present is the best way to win a Russian woman’s heart

By Glenda Jerkins

Present is an effective means of expressing your attitude to a woman and your attempt to win a mutuality. A little bit of you creativity and your imagination, a little bit of your attention, and you will take the leading stand before the finish in the race with the slogan “Win a woman’s heart!”

It’s ok, if you live close to each other and you have an opportunity to choose presents with you girlfriend or without her knowledge, and here you have a wide range of choice. What would you do if you want to make a pleasant surprise for the lady, who you met online, and you don’t have a possibility to give a present personally? For this purposes, there is a delivery service for the loving ones who live hundreds or even thousands miles away from each other. Do you know what you are going to give to your Russian lady? Trust us, a few tip below can’t be mistaken.

A box of chocolate will do, if your beloved one is a sweet-tooth. A soft toy will be appreciated by every Russian girl who is romantic and still is a little girl inside. This gift will not be only a souvenir, but can stand on the dressing table and make her happy. It is a present with which she can fall asleep and wake up. Isn’t it romantic, when she glances at the toy, she will think of you at the sunset and the dawn?

The practice of giving presents to women complies with their preferences. Although, according to the social polls 80% of women, as expected, named flowers(!) as the best gift. And about 80% of the respondents mentioned that it is good to get flowers not only on the 8th of March(the international woman’s day in Russia and Ukraine), or on the February 14 (Valentine’s Day), or her birthday, but also on different holidays or without any reason.

Can you imagine how excited your Russian lady, whose heart you are going to captivate, will be, when on an ordinary day a gorgeous bouquet of beautiful flowers will be delivered to her home or her office where her female colleagues will be bursting with envy. It will be unexpected and pleasant. And believe us, your Russian woman’s mood will remain excellent for the whole day, and you will be the reason why…