Beautiful and Single Russian girls

By Glenda Jerkins

The scientists carried out an interesting research. They were demonstrating the photos of attractive women from Russian to men. It turned out that some parts of males brain, which usually are activated only by cocaine and money, became active while looking at these photos.
The research proved that attractiveness of Russian women, appearance in particular, was always on the first place for men. Although, when men choose their future spouses they are guided by some other factors.

You shouldn’t forget that in evolutionary process a woman’s body turned in an excellent functioning system, which beams the waves of sexual attractiveness, specially aimed to attract male’s attention. Let’s start with analyzing some physical characteristics of attractiveness of Russian women. Usually men begin to estimate their female partner looking at her photos and later they hear her voice and meet her. We are offering you a chart of Russian women’s beauty.


First place in the rating of Russian beauty among men nowadays takes sporty figure. Most men prefer well-built and solid women to the thin ones. It is considered on the subconscious level that a fat layer is a guarantee of successful breast feeding. Not every woman knows that sex-icon of America Marilyn Monroe was wearing 48th size of clothes. Specialists claim that neither of thin Russian women can become a real sex-icon among men.

Sensitive mouth

According to the scientists’ opinion female lips became the indicator of excitement. This appearance in science is called “genital echo”- such reaction of female body that sends invisible but very strong signal to the males around. Russian women often use lipstick. It was founded in Ancient Egypt and was of one color – red. Men like to see lipstick on women’s lips, they subconsciously perceive this act as an additional indicator of interest that comes from a Russian woman to him.

High bosom

Most of all men like women’s breasts during the latest teen period and in the early 20th. Exactly this type of breast you can find on the tabloids and on the first pages of glamorous magazines for men. The erotic dancers or models in the adds show this type also. All the researches say that men adore woman’s breasts with any forms and sizes. But the real beauty of breasts of blonde Russian women you will not deny!

Long legs

The owner of long and slim legs neither man is able to let pass. The secret is simple -long legs of Russian beauties chain men’s looks to the point where they start to grow.

Hips and waist

A healthy woman, who is able to give birth, should have a size of her waist which consists of 70% of length of the size of her hips. The figure with these sizes always attracts men’s attentions. Most Russian beauties are familliar with these numbers and actually have the size that men adore. We hope that this interesting research will give you some tips as for the Russian women’s beauty and you will definitely pay your close attention to the country where these charming and gorgeous Russian nymphs live.